Let me see if I remember how this works. I didn’t intend to go silent for four months (!) but I should have seen it coming. Blogging fell way down on the priority list this summer. When I did have free time, I more often found myself blankly staring at my computer or half-watching reruns of Modern Family on TV.  Composing thoughts for public consumption just wasn’t happening. I’ve recently gotten the bug back to write again, and rather than toil over a post for days, I thought I’d just jump in and start writing without massive amounts of pretext.

Rather than update on the months that have passed, I’ll reflect on where I am today. And the easiest way to do that is in a version of a “day in the life” post. I did one of these when I was about 10 weeks pregnant, so the juxtaposition might be fun (or depressing, I don’t know?)

6:19am - First squeaks heard through the baby monitor, but Baby V is still laying down and seems content to snooze a little, which has been his pattern for the past month or so. I know some other moms would see this as the right time to wake-up, shower and perhaps enjoy a few minutes of quiet time — or maybe even a run, but I’m pleased to pull up the covers and stall the start of the day, thankyouverymuch. Plus, since we haven’t turned the clocks back, the sun doesn’t rise for another 40 minutes, and I don’t get up when it’s dark.

6:46am - Snooze over. Baby pops up to seated in his crib and starts “talking.” This means I have about 5 or so minutes to get to him before he starts to get fussy. I roll out of bed, visit the bathroom, make a bottle and go into the nursery where I am greeted by a standing baby who gives me a cute squeal of delight when I open the shades. I change his diaper, feed him his bottle (6.5oz), read a book while he’s still snuggly, and then just as he is starting to squirm, David joins us for about 10 minutes of family playtime.

7:25 – 7:50am - I take the first round getting ready, and after looking at forecast for the day, I decide it’s not worth washing my hair. I’m planning a 4-mile run tonight as part of my half-marathon training, so I take a quick rinse in the shower and throw on workout clothes. I apply some moisturizer, mascara and blush, and make a mental note to research some new face products. I have been using the same system for over a year, but my face is feeling dull and I’ve been having some more breakouts recently. While David gets into the shower, I place Baby V in the Nuna playpen while I make the bed and put away some clothes.

Baby Playpen

Let me out of here!

7:50 – 8:20am - By 7:50, the baby’s done self-entertaining, so we head downstairs for baby breakfast. This is one of my favorite times of day when the house is quiet and calm. Baby eats some pears, puffs and apples while I sip on some hot lemon water (wasn’t ready for coffee or tea yet but wanted something warm). I read aloud the news headlines, and we listen to some music on my iPhone until Baby makes some signs that he’s ready to play. We move into the living room where he practices standing next to the coffee table (a new baby-friendly purchase) and wait for our nanny to arrive.

Pears and Puffs

8:30am - Nanny arrives! Baby lights up when she walks through the door, which in turn makes me feel so great. We’ve had Baby V at home with a nanny since I returned to work in April. We plan to enroll him in daycare around the time he is 1-year-old, so I know the time is limited when I will get to see him periodically throughout the day. As nanny arrives and gets settled, I return to the kitchen where I finish making the baby’s bottles and finally make myself something to eat. The kitchen is a flurry of activity as David makes his breakfast, takes out the trash and chats with me about a couple of household items. I log-in to my laptop and make some coffee.

Breakfast #1

Breakfast #1

9:00-11:00am - Busy at work, replying to e-mails and spending about an hour on the phone helping a colleague prep for a meeting. I hop up at one point to help the nanny take the stroller out the front door, but otherwise I’m pretty glued to my seat.

11:15am - During a break on my call (the office fire alarm went off), I take a quick jaunt to Starbucks for my daily coffee treat, a tall soy latte. I cut out a lot of dairy a few months ago and now I’m totally converted to a soy latte drinker.

11:20am - Back at my desk, and back on the phone

11:45am - Baby comes down for a snack, and I grab one of my Graze snacks – dried cherries. Graze is a cool service that mails you four single-portion snacks on a regular basis (I get it once a week). You can customize what kinds of snacks you receive, so they can be indulgent or super healthy. I like having a little variety in the snack drawer, and although it’s a little expensive ($6 for 4 snacks), I’m willing to spend a little more for something interesting. Eat my snack and keep working until lunchtime.

Some tasty dried fruit

Some tasty dried fruit

1:00-1:20pm- Time for lunch. I shake it up a little with a bowl of butternut squash soup and toast. I also finish the final cheese cubes leftover from Baby’s baptism brunch on Sunday. I cruise the internet, start this blog post, and finish off lunch with some cocoa dusted almonds.

1:20-4:15pm - Back at work and spend about 30 minutes prepping for a client call in the morning with a colleague in the Netherlands. At some point I jumped to LinkedIn to reply to two messages from former colleagues and look out the window to catch a glimpse of this:

Look Mom, no hands!

Look Mom, no hands!

4:15pm - I answer the front door when the gentleman who aerated our lawn yesterday wanted to make sure I knew how important it was to water the lawn every morning for the next few weeks. (I didn’t). When he leaves, I go back to my laptop and check my calendar for tomorrow and start making tomorrow’s to-do list.

5:00pm - Before the nanny leaves, I make a super quick trip to Target to get baby formula, baby puffs and milk — and $50 of other stuff. Happens #everytime. I don’t have time to explore the Halloween section, but send an enthusiastic text to David.


Holiday season at Target is here!

5:45pm - David arrives home early to find me and Baby in the kitchen. He takes the baby upstairs to change a sudden messy diaper. Shortly after 6pm, bedtime routine begins. We’ve had an early bedtime routine ever since the baby became mobile. He’s just too tired by the end of the day, and even though he’s usually still happy and playing at 6pm, by the time we finish his bath, bottle and books a little after 6:30, he’s done, done, done. He tends to roll around in his crib for 5-15 minutes getting comfortable, but once he’s out, he’s down for the count until morning. And yes, I am counting my lucky stars.

6:45pm - I leave for the gym for my mid-week run while David finishes putting the baby down. While I’m pounding on the treadmill, David is prepping our HelloFresh dinner. When I get back, I finish cooking dinner. We’ve been receiving the meal delivery box about 1-2 times a month as a way to encourage us cook more and be more adventurous than we might otherwise be inclined given our busy schedules.

8:15pm - We have a “picnic” dinner on the floor of the living room while watching the last two episodes of last season’s Modern Family before watching the DVR of tonight’s premiere. I halfheartedly foam roll my rear, hips and thighs.

10pm - My internal alarm clock goes off, and I’m ready to start my bedtime routine. I clean up remaining dinner items, wipe down the counters, get a bottle ready for the morning, and head upstairs where I’ll wash up, take out my contacts, and collapse into bed around 10:30.

I realize my day as a working mom is pretty ideal – I don’t have the added complexity of daycare drop-off/pick-up meaning I get those precious minutes with Baby V back everyday. I’m also blessed that I can see him during the day, and that he has a reliable evening routine. Today was especially nice that I got to have dinner with my husband, and had time to work out. I get it. I’m lucky. I won’t go on about feeling stretched, or how my house is dirty, or that I can’t seem to find empty space in my head because it’s not likely to really change for, what, 17 more years?