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Mothers DayMother’s Day snuck up on me this year – not only in actual date but the feelings about the occasion as well.  I remember daydreaming of this day during my pregnancy; I think I imagined a family picnic or something equally picturesque (but a logistic nightmare with a four-month old). I’m sure I didn’t imagine that one of the things I’d most want on this day was an actual break.

I saw this sentiment several times online today. A lot of moms, at least the new ones, admitted it was a great gift today that our partners took the early morning feeding or took the babies out of the house for a few hours so Mom could have some time to herself. I’m absolutely in this group. When I painted a perfect day for me today, it would have included a run, a pedicure and a nice dinner with my husband — basically a pre-baby weekend day. Isn’t that so funny that on Mother’s Day, so many of us wanted to reconnect with just ourselves?

David was totally game to indulge my “me time” today. He woke up at 6:15 with the baby, leaving me to savor another 90 minutes in bed. He walked to Starbucks to get an iced coffee for me to enjoy when I got back from a short jog. He ran a quick errand to help finish our Mother’s Day gifts for our mothers. And if we hadn’t made plans to spend the afternoon with our families, I know David would have been more than happy to keep the baby for the day so I could enjoy whatever solo activities I wanted.

The funny thing about my day today was that in reflection, my favorite parts weren’t my extra time in bed or the long shower I got to take this morning. My favorite moments today were those I shared with the baby – a relaxed mid-day nursing session, unwrapping him from his swaddle post-nap, and snapping a few iPhone pics late in the day when I remembered we hadn’t documented our first Mother’s Day yet.

Maybe my morning-to-myself helped me enjoy these moments even more. Or maybe what I think I want and what I actually end up enjoying are different now. Yes, I want to have clean and styled hair, and sure, I wouldn’t mind more time to roam the aisles of Target. There are times when it sounds so nice to just be alone. But I only want those moments for a short while before I’m being pulled back with great force to my new self – a mother.